Which time of year are people most interested in whisky – and what to use it for

I had a look at Google Trends for the development in the different whisky-searches, and it showed a tremendous global increase in whisky-related searches during November-December.

Apparently most people go for ‘whiskey’ with an ‘e’ although it is only used in USA and Ireland while the rest of the world uses ‘whisky’. An explanation could be that a lot of people search for ‘scotch’.

What can I use this for? Whiskies on sale!

While an increased demand usually mean prices going upwards, Christmas is actually an excellent time for buying whiskies on sale.

The logic is that a lot more whiskies are coming in, and the various suppliers and supermarkets puts them on sale. – Not only to be sure to sell them all, but to attract whisky buyers, since they are usually not the type that particularly spend much time buying Christmas presents (hint: older men with big pockets). And this is of course an audience much welcomed to make spontaneous extra buys of presents.

So be prepared for doing a bargain next November and December!

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