Scapa Skiren The Orcadian NAS 40% whisky review

As it happen to be, I am fortunate to live right next to a few supermarkets that very often have whisky on sale. Scapa Skiren The Orcadian 40% I have been seeing on sale so often that that I’m starting to wonder if it’s the normal price. Or Scapa is just pushin’ hard for getting into Denmark. Scapa is one of the distilleries that have experienced prices rising on the older aged whiskies,  and like Talisker have released several NAS-versions, Scapa Skiren follows the idea of trying to satisfy Scapa’s many thirsty fans. Let’s have a taste, shall we?

Flavor category of Scapa Skiren Orcadian: Fruity & spicy

Appearance: A nice amber color right in the middle of the scale. Perhaps a tad too dark compared to the no age statement. – Unfortunately that means Scapa Skiren The Orcadian is colored.

Nose: Honey, orange peel, raisins in the background, (American!) oak that gives a bourbon feel, vanilla – and the complexity gives me a hunch that the whisky is closer to ten than three years old. A hint of heather, toffee, and after a while even more vanilla comes through.

Taste: Lots of syrup, a young malt kick, second sip is softer. The American oak really comes through.

Finish: Short to medium but mostly short. The oak last the longest and the ‘kick’ disappears rather quickly, although the kick is what actually gives the whisky the most character.

Malt mark: 80, because 1: It is a good sipper for the price if you can get it on sale at least. And 2: The whisky is first fill American oak, which comes pleasantly through on the nose and palette. The main thing that cuts this dram down i marks is the short finish – something you of course would expect from a younger malt. Would be really interested in tasting more from the Scapa distillery with an age statement. I get this feeling that this is right in the middle of the flavor categories – if you want to taste what a standard solid scotch single malt should taste like, when it is well made without any of the fancy extra finishing casks. – Don’t always recommend whisky beginners starting with Glenfiddich, start with Scapa!

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