Ardbeg 10 years old 46% whisky review

Ardbeg is one of the most famous peated whiskies on the island of Islay and continues to win a lot of high rankings from Jim Murray and has become quite the collectors item. The 10 year old is their renowned entry-level product and one of the more lighter ones but with a heavy peat to the nose.

Ardbeg 10 is matured on ex-bourbon casks – a mix between first-, second- and probably also third fill casks. And we are very happy to see the 46% ABV that brings out more flavors.

Flavor category of Ardbeg 10 years old: Smoky & light

Appearance: No foolin’ around with any E150 color here. The Ardbeg 10 is amber -4.5, which shows us that the wood influence is limited – and no sherry or port casks have been used for finishes – since other 10 year olds without added color often are slightly darker than this.

Nose: Intense peat dominates, but besides that you get the sense of a really gentle and light dram with notes of mostly citrus, ginger, heather, grass and a hint of green apple. No apparrant oakiness.

Taste: Dry. Spicy pepper. The oak comes through a bit. A sharp young and citrusy ‘kick’. Smokiness keeps lingering on constantly. A little malty or white thin sirup. Some brininess, just vaguely salty.

Finish: Quite long and peaty. A little minty. Very pleasent.

Malt mark: 88. Ardbeg 10 a quite nice whisky and the long finish is a big one for getting the mark up on this. It’s like the gentle peaty dram – opposite to the Lagavulin 16, which tends to be much much sweeter and more heavily flavored, though both very peated. This is for the lover of peat that enjoys peat for peats sake. And I’m very happy that this whisky is so available at an affordable price, although the rest of the Ardbegs are really climbing the price ladder.

If you want a bigger, slightly sweeter and more balanced oomph of an Ardbeg, go for Ardbeg Uigeadail.

Did you know… – Ardbeg went to space to test maturing whisky?

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